Minutes for 16 - 18 March 2005
meeting of ISO/JTC1/SC22/I18NRG
Meeting Times:

16 March 2005 09:30-12:00 13:00-17:00
17 October 2004 09:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
18 October 2004 09:00-12:00

Meeting Location:
Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg.
3-5-8, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
Meeting Host:
Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan (on behalf of Japan Industrial Standards Committee)
1. Opening Activities.
Meeting convened at 9:30 AM Japan Standard Time (JTS).
1.1 Opening Comments.
Mr. Goto and Mr. Kakehi described the facilities and the social event that is planned for the 16th.

1.2 Introduction of Participants/Roll Call.
  1. John Benito - Rapporteur
  2. John L Hill - SC22 Chairman
  3. Malcolm Cohen - UK and WG5 (HOD)
  4. Alain LaBonte - Canada (HOD)
  5. Keld Simonsen - Norway (HOD)
  6. Nobuyoshi Mori - Germany (HOD)
  7. Hideki Hiura - USA (HOD)
  8. Katsuhiko Kakehi - Japan (HOD)
  9. Masayuki Takata - Japan
  10. Shizuo Goto - Japan
  11. Toshiaki Kurokawa - Japan
  12. Kiyoshi Ishihata - Japan
  13. Takayuki Sato - Japan

1.3 Selection of Meeting Secretary.
Mr. Ishihata was selected to act as meeting secretary.

1.4 Procedures for this Meeting.
Procedures will follow the JTC1 Directives.

1.5 Approval of Agenda ( N1111-I18NRG).
Agenda was approved with the following added.
7.a Settle on criteria for adopting the recommendations sent to SC22.
7.5 How to cooperate with others inside and outside SC22.
1.9 Distribution of New Documents.
UK/WG5 position was placed on the wiki
2. Reports on Liaison Activities.
SC22 N3864, SC22 Posix Advisory Group report item 9 (Recommends that SC22 assigns the WG 15 action item regarding the repository for POSIX character maps and locales to the I18NRG). Our charter is not to do maintenance/development works (Jeju Resolution 04-21). Other people can do much better job than SC22. If SC22 assigns this item to us, we would accept it.

3. Review of previous SC22 resolutions relevant to SC22/I18NRG.
Resolution 04-21 from the JeJu SC22 plenary was reviewed. SC22 N3813.

4. Review the existing SC 22 I18N related projects.
The list in the Canadian contribution was reviewed.

5. Review Current and future I18N needs of SC22 and its Working Groups.
The list in the Canadian contribution was reviewed.

6. Review all activities related to I18N within SC22.
The list in the Canadian contribution was reviewed.

7. Recommendations to SC22.
7.a Recommendation Criteria.
The SC22 Plenary resolution 04-21 should be used to set all criteria for the recommendations.

7.1 Existing WG 20 projects.
No recommendation. All existing projects are complete (published), have ceased to exist (cancelled) or have been reassigned to another SC. Any projects that are being revised should be done so under the ISO/IEC JTC1 Directives.

7.2 Maintenance of WG20 generated Standards.
Should be done according to the procedures given in the ISO/IEC JTC1 Directives.

7.3 Identify any new I18N projects.
Need input from other SCs and national bodies within JTC1 or other organizations through liaisons.

7.4 Management of non-project activities related to I18N.
Each activity should be continued by its designated person and should be reviewed at the SC22 plenary.
Make it clear that the activities are not official ISO standardization works.
It should be made clear on the SC22 Web site that WG20 was disbanded. It should also be made clear that all the existing WG20 documents will remain on the WG20 web site.
There should also be a web site identified where all the new I18N related documents are posted.
The Rapporteur will assure this is accomplished. (AI - benito)
7.5 How to cooperate with other inside or outside SC22 groups.
SC22 should wait for I18N project proposals to be submitted. SC22 should make sure that all SCs and national bodies within JTC1 and the appropriate organizations not under JTC1 know SC22 is willing to constructively cooperate in any I18N issues.
8. Other Business

9. Future Meetings
9.1 Future Meeting Schedule.
No future meetings are needed, this meeting has resolved the Charter of this RG

9.2 Future Agenda Items.

9.3 Future Mailings.
Mailing will be available by 18th of April. (AI - benito)
10. Resolutions
10.1 Review of Decisions Reached.
Recommendations were reviewed.

10.2 Approval of recommendations.
Recommendations were approved.

10.3 Review of Action Items.
  1. Benito, identify a web site for all new I18N related documents, make sure the current WG20 status is clear and all WG20 documents remain available.
  2. Benito, generate a mailing by the 18th of April 2005

10.4 Appreciations.
  1. Thank you Japan Industrial Standards Committee!!
  2. Thanks to Dinkumware for the wiki support.
  3. Thanks to Mr. Ishihata for acting as the meeting secretary
  4. Thanks for all for making the trip.
11. Adjournment