ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 N3261

                                           Doc No:   SC22/WG21/N3261
                                           Date:     2011-03-04
                                           Project:  JTC1.22.32
                                           Ref Doc:  None
                                           Reply to: Herb Sutter
                                                     Microsoft Corp.
                                                     1 Microsoft Way
                                                     Redmond WA USA 98052

Agenda and Meeting Notice for Upcoming WG21 Telecon Meetings

  Minor update to reflect agenda adjustments in our
  2011-03-04 telecon: Added 3.2, added number to 3.3.

Teleconference information:

  Dates:    2011-03-04

  Time:     8:00am N.Am. Pacific Time

  Duration: 2 hours

  Teleconference Call-In:  +1-203-480-8000
  Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
  Participant Passcode:    571048


1. Opening and introductions

1.1 Roll call of participants

1.2 Adopt agenda

1.3 Approve minutes from previous meeting

1.4 Review action items from previous meeting

1.5 Review of project editor and liaison assignments

2. Status, liaison and action item reports

2.1 Small group status reports

2.2 Liaison reports

2.2.1 SC22 report

2.2.2 SC22/WG14 (C) report

3. New business

3.1 Review of priorities and target dates

3.2 Review of current mailings

3.3 Any other business

4. Review

4.1 Review and approve resolutions and issues

4.2 Review action items

5. Closing process

5.1 Establish next agenda

5.2 Future meetings

5.3 Future mailings

5.4 Adjourn