Hi Thomas,
Please, find below a draft of a document presenting some information for the people who will attend the 9-13 of march ISO-C++ meeting in Sophia Antipolis. Feel free to ask any modification or more information about any topic. May I let you propagate the document?
I do not know yet if I'll be able to attend the meeting in NJ, so I would like the document to contain sufficient information. In any case, I hear that somebody from France (Valentin Bonnard: bonnardv@pratique.fr) will attend the meeting. If I do not come, I have already given him my portable phone number so that questions could be answered immediately.
Of course, we'll settle down several web pages about the meeting very soon. 
Vincent Lextrait 
PS: please note that my e-mail address has changed, it is now: vincent.lextrait@hol.fr

Here are some informations about the accomodation for the 9-13 of march 1998 ISO-C++ meeting in Sophia Antipolis (France). The rates have been calculated on the basis of 1 USD = 6FF. The exchange rate may of course vary before march. The prices indicated have been negociated especially for the meeting. Renting a car is highly recommended, because most distances are long and the public transport network is not very dense.
The weather in march is very difficult to predict, it may be rainy, sunny, cold, cool, or even almost warm. But if you plan to have a bath in the mediterranean, better take a diving suit with you!
Nice Airport:
The airport which is closest to Sophia Antipolis is Nice Airport. Sophia is something like 25 km away from the airport. The airport offers various direct international connexions (via Delta Airlines http://www.delta-air.com) among which New York. Flights from Paris arrive or leave Nice Airport roughly every half an hour (two main airlines: Air Inter and AOM). If you plan to take a taxi from Nice Airport to Sophia Antipolis, be ready to pay something like $65, in french currency (only cash is accepted in most taxis).
Meeting location:
The meeting will be held in the University of Nice, more specifically at the "Ecole Superieure en Sciences Informatiques" aka "ESSI":
930, Route des Colles
BP 145
F-06903 Sophia Antipolis CEDEX
Phone: (+33) 4-92-96-50-50
Fax: (+33) 4-92-96-50-55
During the meeting ESSI will provide access to workstations (Sun and PC) and full Internet connection. It will be possible to reserve a room nearby to have lunch.
All Hotels are at the same distance (roughly 2 km) from the meeting rooms, and all located in a 500m long area. In order to get the rates indicated, reservation must be done at latest 15th of january and referencing ILOG/AFNOR rate. Do not use the Web sites for reservation, only for browsing.
Rated **** (Executive Class).
3550, Route des Dolines
BP 15 
F-06901 Sophia Antipolis 
Phone: (+33) 4-92-96-68-78 
Fax: (+33) 4-92-96-68-96 
Rate: $95 per night, breakfast included.
Rated ***. 
Rue Albert Caquot 
F-06560 Valbonne
Phone: (+33) 4-92-96-04-04
Fax: (+33) 4-92-96-05-05 
Rate: $82 per night, breakfast included.
Rated **. 
Rue Albert Caquot 
F-06560 Valbonne 
Phone: (+33) 4-93-65-30-60 
Fax: (+33) 4-93-95-83-99 
Rate: $60 per night, breakfast included.
Car Rental:
As indicated above, renting a car is highly recommended. Hotels are a bit too far to be considered as "walking distance" from the meeting rooms in the University of Nice. Furthermore, to be able to access all the nice places on the French Riviera, it will be very valuable. Before reserving, be aware that "automatic gearbox" is very expensive (Group D at AVIS)... The cheapest we've found is AVIS, but you're invited to check prices directly on the Web, because you may find lower prices there. Notice when comparing that a generous number of kilometers are included in the AVIS offer.
Available directly in Nice Airport. The rate is negociated provided that the car is returned at the airport. 
Phone: (+33) 4-93-80-63-52 
Fax: (+33) 4-93-87-32-82
The rates are meant for seven days, and include 300km per day. 
Subcompact (Manual): $259 
B Category (Manual): $313
When booking, specify "JN". 
Social event:
We have been thinking of a tour to Monaco on the saturday 14th. The best offer we've found is the following one. We need to be aware early enough to which bracket the attendance will belong to (20->30, 31->40, more?).
This tour passes through enchanting Eze, a 14th-century hilltop village 1200 feet above Nice level which you enter through a fortified double gateway. The steep narrow streets are full of boutiques and artists' workshops and you can see most of the French Riviera from the exotic garden. There is also a Fragonard perfume factory to visit.
Monaco, the old town and the capital of the independent principality which is surrounded by France, is built on a rock with perpendicular drops to the sea. You will arrive in time to see the Changing of the Guard outside Prince Rainier's Palace at noon. The principality has been in the hands of the Grimaldi family since 1297 and the present Prince is particularly known in the U.S. for his marriage to the American film star Grace Kelly.
Monte Carlo, the new town, is famous worldwide for its casinos, palaces, rich villas, luxury shops, flowered terraces, trees and rare plants. If you plan to try your luck at the tables or slot machines, there is an entrance fee of FF 50 to go into the celebrated Monte Carlo Casino (jacket and tie are required in winter and shirt and tie in summer).
Departure: 09.00            Return: 18.30
Price per person:
- 20 to 30 persons: with lunch $78
- 31 to 40 persons: with lunch $62
Prices include:
For reservation, you can use the following e-mail address: frenchmedtours@msn.com (sorry I did not check it), or use the fax number of the tour agency: (+33) 4-93-13-95-05.
In addition to your name and the number of participants, specify your e-mail address (in the e-mail or on the fax) so that we can confirm your reservation by e-mail. In case you do not receive any confirmation from us after a reasonable time, send mail to vincent.lextrait@hol.fr. When reserving by e-mail, better put gallina@ilog.fr and vincent.lextrait@hol.fr in carbon copy. If you are using a fax, you can specify your Visa, Europcard or Mastercard number (along with expiry date). No Amex or Diner's or others, sorry.
Be aware that no show will be charged 100% of the total price.  
Interesting web sites:
For any further information, get in touch with Vincent Lextrait: vincent.lextrait@hol.fr