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From: Matthew Deane []

Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 2:57 PM


Subject: Late UK Comments on DTR 14652


Dear Arnold and Keld,


Please see the message below from the UK National Body regarding their vote

on DTR 14652.  I think that it makes sense to include these comments during

your discussions at the WG 20 meeting, as well as in the disposition of

comments report.  You can include a note in the disposition of comments

indicating that these comments were received after the JTC 1 ballot closed,

but were reviewed by WG 20 at the request of the SC 22 Secretariat.


If you have any questions, let me know.










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From: David Keech []

Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 4:35 AM


Subject: UK Position in respect o J1N6721



Dear Lisa


Position in respect of the UK's vote of ABSTENTION on:


J1N6721 90-Day Letter Ballot: ISO/IEC DTR 14652 - Functionality for

Internationalization Specification Method for Cultural Conventions



Due to unfortunate circumstances, the UK's position in respect of this

ballot was not received by us at BSI until after the ballot closed on 24

May 2002.


The UK's position is that we would have voted 'NO' in the ballot.


The reasons for our negative position are:


(i) The UK believes that comments submitted at previous stages of the

development of this standard have not been dealt with to the UK's



(ii) The phrasing of the Technical Report remains as if it were a

putative standard, and would be very confusing to readers who did not

understand the significance of the Type classification of Technical



(iii) The purpose of the standard and its value to the wider community

of users of standards is not clear.



Once again, we regret that we were unable to submit this position to

the formal time scale and offer our apologies. The UK would be grateful

the above position could be passed on to SC22 for consideration.





David Keech

BSI DISC (UK ref: 02/640821)




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