SC22/WG20 N838

May 11, 2001


Request to ITTF for consideration and advice.


Source:  SC22/WG20



In its meeting in May 2001, WG20 discussed the status of TR 10176, where the continuously growing repertoire of ISO/IEC 10646 impacts the table of characters which are allowed as identifiers in programming languages. 


Each approved amendment to ISO/IEC 10646 adds characters and requires TR 10176 with its identifier table to be revised and re-published since TRs can not be amended.


The same situation is true for TR 14652, and IS 14651; both these projects are strongly related to the 10646 repertoire and need constant revisions.



We are asking ITTF to consider the following possibility to easily keep the table up to date without re-publishing the Technical Report:



This method would allow that :




Not only TR 10176 would profit from such a publication option, but also TR 14652 and possibly other TRs.  WG20 is asking ITTF to consider allowing this method for Technical Reports the same way as it is already approved for International Standards. 

The best example is ISO/IEC 14651, where the Common Template Table resides on the ITTF web site and where a new revision of the table is in preparation.


For further information or discussion of technical details please contact WG20 through its convenor Arnold F. Winkler (also editor of TR 10176).


Arnold F. Winkler