SC22/WG20 N798


WG20 proposals regarding the CLAUI report (JTC1 N6336)

October 31, 2000



In JTC1 N6336 the CLAUI TD has asked for proposals from the constituent members of the TD regarding points 7 through 12 from the final agenda of the CLAUI coordination meeting in Sophia Antipolis. 


WG20 is unclear exactly what kind of proposals are solicited on this long list of topics, most of which are not formulated as issues but simply as discussion topics.  Our understanding is that these topics have been discussed at the CLAUI coordination meeting and formed the basis for the recommendations listed in JTC1 N6336.  If WG20 is to develop proposals regarding these topics, it needs further guidance regarding exactly which issues are to be addressed by these proposals.


SC22/WG20 has no intention to start any new work in this committee.  But WG20 has the following comments on some of the recommendations from the CLAUI coordination meeting:


Sophia 7: 

WG20 feels that it may be a good idea for SC2 to develop a TR for interoperability and integration guidelines for coded character sets.  However, WG20 does not recommend that it have a joint editorship in this project, because of the difficulties inherent in coordinating editorships in different subcommittees.  WG20 would be prepared to provide review and comments on this work to SC2.


Sophia 8:

WG20 has different opinions about the advisability of allowing normative references or type-1 TRs by other standards.  WG20 is seeking clarification of the current status of JTC1 guidelines in this area.


Sophia 9:

WG20 notes that the characters in TC46/SC2 transliteration standards that are under development or recently published, do in fact make references to ISO/IEC 10646.  However, these transliteration standards do not reference ISO/IEC DTR 14652.


Sophia 10:

At this time WG20 has no consensus to create compliance test suites regarding the standards it is responsible for.  However, WG20 can supply a list of its Standards and Technical Reports that should be checked for compliance during the development of other standards.  WG20 is prepared to review and make comments on any such list produced by SC35, particularly in items that have a bearing on internationalization.


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