SC22/WG20 N761


Annex to WG20 N706 – disposition of comments on PDTR 14652 ballot.

May 24, 2000


Comments from the editing group that were unanimously agreed upon:  these comments are now included in SC22/WG20 N706R2 .



> ed.2 As one of the stated purposes of the TR is to be aligned with

> the 14651 standard, on which it depends, the TR should be aligned

> with the latest changes in that standard (as agreed in the same

> editing meeting)




1. The BNF for EOL was recursively defined in 7124-7125, and will be

broken up so that EOL includes a comment and refers to a new

eol-function rule that only includes the semantics for end of line.


2. In line 6999 reorder_sector_end will be removed.


3. In line 6985 collating_element is undefined, and in line 6986

collation-element is unused, the latter will be changed to



4. Line 6970 has an spelling error "spece+" which is corrected to "space+"


5. In line 6968 - BNF rule for collating_element, the words

"'from' SP" will be added.


6. In line 6977 "section-symbol" will be changed to "section"


7. ucs-symbols in LC_COLLATE "i18n" will be reviewed.


8. Ranges will be introduced on collating_symbol keyword.


9. In the BNF two characters in the collelem-string keyword will be

changed to "one or more".


End of disposition of comments.