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Date                          2000-05-22


Document type         Liaison report from SC35 to SC22/WG20


Title                          Resolutions adopted at the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35 Nara Plenary meeting - Nara - 16th -19th May 2000 and of interest to SC22/WG20


Source                      Alain LaBonté


Action identifier        For information





RESOLUTION 2 (Nara, May 2000)


CLAUI TD coordination meeting  -- tentative date: 19-20 October 2000


SC35 proposes to chairmen and convenors of SC2, SC22/WG20 (including the chairman of SC22), and SC35 and concerned project editors, to attend a coordination meeting of the CLAUI TD to be held in Paris or Southern France on Thursday and Friday 19 and 20 October 2000 (tentative dates).


Adopted unanimously



RESOLUTION 7 (Nara, May 2000)


Planning a type-2 Report on icon-symbol model


As a follow up on contribution SC35 N 0149 (on updating ISO/IEC 9995-7:1994 existing keyboard function symbols to be consistent with more recent icon standards), taking into account that the current ISO 7000 rules do not allow one function name to refer to two symbols, SC35 requires its members to come up with recommendations on how to solve the conflict between icons and symbols with the same name. SC35 asks for volunteers to prepare contributions for drafting an NP on a short type-2 technical report on the question (in line with and possibly complementing the character-glyph model developed by SC2).


Adopted unanimously



RESOLUTION 12 (Nara, May 2000)


Follow-up on the permission granted by ITTF to setup an informative National Keyboard Layouts Database


SC35 thanks ITTF for granting SC 35 Secretariat authorization and AFNOR for maintaining an informative database available on SC35 web site, of commonly used national keyboard layouts. SC35 asks Monica Ståhl Forsberg and Alain LaBonté to prepare before the next meeting a template on the keyboard layout presentation requirements as well as an example or examples on how this template shall be filled in by the National Bodies.


Adopted unanimously



RESOLUTION 24 (Nara, May 2000)


Action on CLA horizontal Issues


SC35 asks for volunteers to prepare contributions on an NP for a type-3 Technical Report on guidelines for drafting JTC1 International standards so as to respect cultural and linguistic adaptability principles. Initial material should include document ISO/IEC JTC 1 N5608 ("Identification of  Cultural and Linguistic Adaptabilility and User Interfaces related areas"), plus material identified by the BT-EC in document JTC 1 N5296 and SC22's  TR 11017 - Framework for internationalization.


This work should also take into account the recommendations of the Paris December 1998 CLAUI meeting (document JTC1 N5629, in particular recommendations on unambiguous culturally-neutral identifiers, character coding directions, multilingual provisions in metadata elements, and so on) as adopted by the 1999 Rio de Janeiro JTC1 Plenary.


Adopted unanimously