SC22/WG20 N724

Unicode Technical Reports


The following table lists approved Unicode Technical Reports, as well as drafts and proposed drafts.






Unicode Technical Reports contain material that has been approved by the Unicode Consortium for publication. They may contain either informative or normative material, including updates to the The Unicode Standard.

Earlier technical reports may be incorporated into The Unicode Standard or superseded by newer Unicode technical reports. However, archival versions of all approved versions of all technical reports are either maintained on the Unicode web site, or available from the Unicode Consortium in paper copy upon request.

DRAFT Unicode Technical Reports have been tentatively approved by the Unicode Technical Committee and are posted here as part of a combined internal and public review process. 

PROPOSED DRAFT Unicode Technical Reports are in the earliest stages of review.

Caution: The information in a PROPOSED DRAFT UTR or a DRAFT UTR document is subject to change without notice.

Note: Technical Reports #1, #2 and #3 contain character encoding proposals in the context of the development of Unicode 1.1. Some of the scripts proposed for encoding have either been incorporated into the Unicode Standard (see Supported Scripts) or are now in progress (see Proposed New Scripts and Proposed New Characters -- Pipeline Table).  For information on the proposal process itself, please see Submitting New Characters or Scripts.