SC22/WG20 N643

Liaison between W3C and SC22/WG20

January 18, 1999





Last week I attended the W3C-Internationalization (I18N) meeting in Hong Kong. Prior to the meeting I requested to add to the agenda a topic on liaison relationships between working groups in W3C and JTC1 based on the recommendations of the Cultural Adaptability Workshop (CAW) which was held in Paris in early December.

After some discussion and with help from other W3C-I18N the following resolution was agreed to:

Liaison with external bodies:

Agreed: We shall seek to establish liaison with selected ISO and ISO/IEC JTC1 WGs.

Action: Mike Ksar will communicate to ISO/IEC/JTC1 that we are interested in liaison with ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC2/WG2 and with ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG20, noting that discussions in W3C WGs are confidential. To be done by 1999-01-31."

As you can tell an action item was assigned to me to formally communicate this resolutions to JTC1. Since you have been selected by JTC1 in the Paris December meeting to coordinate this, please relay this message to JTC1 at its plenary session in Rio.

Please keep me posted on any relevant JTC1 resolutions in this regard.