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ISO 3166-2, in relation to ISO/IEC 14652 and ISO/IEC 15897


For information

ISO 3166 is in three parts, although part 3 only includes a list of

superseded codes. ISO 3166-2 (Codes for the representation of names of

countries and their subdivisions, part 2 - Country subdivision code)

was published by ISO Central Secretariat only on 1998-12-15.

As this includes information on quite a number of cultural elements,

for quite a number of countries, and languages (European and

non-European), including fallback characters, sorting orders in

specific languages, transliteration systems, country codes and

language codes, and may in fact be used by some as a handy source of

information on cultural elements, in my view it would be useful for

members of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 to look at this in advance of the

next meeting of JTC1/SC22/WG20, and possibly even to include

reference to this at part of the next meeting of JTC1/SC22/WG20 in

Philadelphia (May 1999).

It may have some relevance to ISO/IEC FCD 14652 and ISO/IEC 15897,

even if it may only involved cross-referencing standards in

Normative references.

ISO 3166-2 includes new codes for administrative units, and in

addition also uses pre-existing codes for countries (from ISO 3166-1)

languages (from ISO 639-1, and also lists transliteration systems

that have been used for certain entries, and also national ordering

practices for certain languages which are used in certain countries.

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