ISO/ IEC WG20 - Documents 460-500

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 documents from N400 in document number order:

Nr.Title SourceDate Project
SD-1Mailing List SC22/WG20 internationalization Winkler97-05 admin
SD-2Document Register SC22/WG20 N400 - N500 Winkler97-05 admin
SD-3Current list of WG20 projects Winkler97-05-12 admin
SD-4List of liaison and co-operations to and from SC22/WG20 Winkler97-05-12 admin
SD-5Action item list Winkler97-05-12 admin
460Final Agenda, Vienna Meeting #11 Sep 9-13, '96 Winkler96-09-09 admin
461Minutes from WG20 Meeting #11, Vienna 96/09 M. Everson96-10-04 admin
462Resolution from WG20 meeting #11, Vienna WG20
463List of participants at WG20 meeting #11, Vienna Winkler96-09-11 admin
464Summary of voting on JTC1 N3746, proposal for NWI on an Internationalization API Standard SC22 N2101
JTC1 N4063
465Draft policy concerning the distribution of ISO documents electronically for the presentation of standards SC22 N2105
JTC1 N4039
March 1996admin
466Draft Disposition of comments to PDTR ballot for TR 10176 (SC22/WG20 N433) Akio Kido
SC22 N2411
467Summary of Voting on Concurrent PDTR Registration and PDTR Ballot for Revision of ISO/IEC TR 10176, Guidelines for preparation of programming language standards SC22 N2163June 1996 22.13
468X3L2 and UTC input to IS 14651 - equivalence of combining sequences X3L2 and UTC96-06-12
469Summary of voting on CD registration ballot of ISO/IEC CD 14651 - International string ordering SC22 N2311October 1996
470Disposition of comments to CD registration ballot ISO/IEC CD 14651 - International string ordering Alain LaBonté
SC22 N2363
471ISO/IEC CD 14651 - International string ordering for CD ballot (English and French) Alain LaBonté
SC22 N2364
472JTC1: Document classification and sample templates SC22 N2121April 1996 admin
mailing - October 11,1996
473Summary of ballot comments to TR 11017, based on WG20 N488 (JTC1 N4105) T.K. Sato96-09-11 22.30.01
474Proposed disposition of comments to TR 11017 T.K. Sato
SC22 N2403
475Report to SC22 plenary about disposition of comments to TR 11017 T.K. Sato96-09-11 22.30.01
476Final text of TR 11017 T.K. Sato96-12-13 22.30.01
477DTR 10176 - Guidelines for programming language standards - for ballot Akio Kido96-12-31 22.13
478WG15 resolutions with impact on WG20's work SC22/WG15 N96-05-31
479Extended European Subset generic collation locale for alphabetic characters M. Everson96-07-04
480Change in membership for the Russian Federation from O to P-member SC22 N2208July 1996 admin
481Extended European subset generic collation locale for symbols M. EversonAugust 1996
482CAPITALS before SMALLS M. Everson TC304
August 199622.30.02.03
483Liaison report from SC22/WG4 - COBOL Ann WallaceAugust 1996 admin
484Selected text from COBOL draft 1.4 - for review of internationalization related features Ann Wallace
WG4 N093
485ENV 12005:1996 - Registration of Cultural Elements CEN TC304
ENV 12005
June 199622.30.02.02
486LE 1347: HLD and functional specification for
L0-L1 APIs
DKnet 005
487Status report of disposition of comments for PDTR 10176 consideration ballot Akio Kido96-08-28 22.13
488Summary of voting on JTC1 N4105 DTR 11017 - Framework for Internationalization JTC1 N419696-09-06 22.30.01
489Program of Work review at SC22 plenary - request for input to JTC1 N4174 - review of projects Bob Follett
SC22 N2228
490Sorting order of the Extended European subset of ISO/IEC 10646-1 M. Everson, CEN TC304 N507 95-11-0322.30.02.02
491Response to N468 from X3L2 and Unicode on equivalence of combining characters WG2096-09-12
492Danish (late) comments to DTR 11017 DK - Simonsen96-09-11 22.30.01
493Resolutions from the combined meeting of SC22/WG20 and CEN TC304 WG1 and WG2 CEN/TC304 N612
K. Simonsen
494E-mail facilities at DKUUG (re-issue from April 1994) K. Simonsen94-04-12 admin
495ISO/IEC 14652 WD#5 - Specifications of Cultural Conventions K. Simonsen96-09-05
496NP for I18N APIs Keld Simonsen
SC22 N2296
497Resolutions SC22 plenary, September 23-27, 1996 SC22 N230196-09-27 admin
mailing 4/4/97
498Request to Unicode Inc. for permission to use the character properties tables in WG20 Winkler96-11-13 admin
499Minutes of the joint CEN/TC304 and WG20 meeting in Vienna, September 11, 1996 Everson96-11-20 admin