ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 N1063



Title: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 resolutions
Mountain View meeting 2003-10-15/17


Source: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20

Date: 2003-10-17

Status: Appoved unanimously, unless otherwise noted.


Members attending the meeting were:



KIM Kyongsok, Rep. of Korea;

Keld Simonsen, Norway;

Joan Aliprand, USA;

Ken Whistler, USA;

Mike Ksar, USA;

Vladimir Weinstein, USA;

Michael Everson, Ireland;

Nick Stoughton, Free Standards Group (by invitation).


By telephone:

Alain LaBonté, Canada;

Sandra O'Donnell, USA;

Jacob Sparre Andersen, Denmark;


By electronic chat:

Kent Karlsson, Sweden;


Some of these people attended only part of the meeting.


The following national bodies were present for approval of resolutions:

USA, Republic of Korea, Norway, Ireland, Canada.



Resolution R2003-10-01: Meeting Schedule


WG20 resolves to have the following meeting schedule:


2004 in the late April to early July timeframe: Denmark

as host. Ireland has agreed to be backup.



Resolution R2003-10-02: ISO 3166 Maintenance


WG20 objects to the reuse of the country code CS, and

recommends adoption of a policy to not reuse country codes.



Resolution R2003-10-03: FPDAM 14651 Amd 2 - sorting standard


The editor will make edits to the N1071 and N1072 documents

and forward them and the associated CTT to the convener by 2003-11-16,

who will forward them to the SC22 secretariat for FPDAM ballot.



Resolution R2003-10-04: FCD 15897 - cultural registry


The editing group consists of Ken Whistler, Kim Kyongsok,

Joan Aliprand, Keld Simonsen, Sandra O'Donnell, Jacob

Sparre Andersen, Mike Ksar and Alain LaBonté.

An email list has been created for that purpose.


The editor will deliver the final disposition of comments in N1082 by 2003-11-11.


The editor will deliver a new draft FDIS N1083 by 2003-12-15.

The editing group will check whether the agreed results are correctly

reflected in the revised draft and agrees to comment until 2004-01-15.

The editor will resolve any comments and submit a new draft

to the convener by 2004-01-30, who will forward it to the SC22

secretariat for FDIS ballot.



Resolution R2003-10-05: Thanks


ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 thanks

- Microsoft (esp. computer center for Internet access, and for the delicious lunches),

- Unicode Consortium esp. Magda Danish for their outstanding hospitality and friendly support,

- Keld Simonsen for drafting the resolutions,

- Ken Whistler for taking minutes and chairing of the meeting.

Approved by acclamation.