SC22/WG20  N1013

Korea JTC1/SC22 (SC22-WG20)  Doc #: K159




Author: KIM, Kyongsok (GIM, Gyeongseog)

Date: 2003-02-11

Subject: Hangeul-related issues in UAX #15

Reference: WG20 N953 (=Korea K152), N954 (=Korea K153)



1.  Korea's position RE Hangeul-related issues in UAX #15 will be published by Dec. 31, 2003

  - We plan to analyze Hangeul-related issues in UAX #15 more carefully,

  - provide a solution/alternative,

  - and publish the outcome as a document/report by Dec. 31, 2003.



2.  Question: Relationship between CTT and UAX #15

  - The author does not know the exact relationship between CTT in ISO/IEC 14651 and UAX #15.  I have two questions.


  1) It is quite clear that CTT does not have a state reflecting the preceding letters.

  - However, I don't know exactly whether or not UAX #15 has the concept of state.


  2) I wonder if there is any relationship between CTT and Decomp/Comp in UAX #15.


  - I will really appreciate it if anybody from Unicode would provide a document containing the answer to the above two questions.



3. KIM's paper about Hangeul decomp/comp

  - Comments Re: UAX #15 can be found in a separate paper, WG20 N953 (Korea K152), A summary of a paper by Kim, K: New Canonical Decomposition and Composition processes for Hangeul.

    . A full paper can be found in WG20 N954 (= Korea K153), Paper by KIM, K: New Canonical decomposition and composition processes for Hangeul.  This paper was published in CSI (Computer Standarads & Interfaces) Vol. 24 (2002), pp. 69-82.  The full paper can be also found at


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