SC22/WG20 N1003

Title: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 resolutions,
Busan meeting 2003-02-11/13

Source: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20
Date: 2003-02-13
Status: Approved by WG20

Members attending the meeting were:
Present: KIM Kyongsok, Rep. of Korea; Keld Simonsen, Norway;
Marc Küster, Germany; Kim DongWon, Rep. of Korea.
By telephone: Alain LaBonté, Canada; Ken Whistler, USA;
Joan Aliprand, USA; Kent Karlsson, Sweden; Mark Davis, USA.
Some of these people attended only part of the meeting.

Resolution R2003-02-01: Meeting Schedule

WG20 resolves to have the following meeting schedule:

2003-10-15/17 California (colocated with SC2/WG2)
Possible future meeting places: Norway,
Germany, Denmark, Canada.

Resolution R2003-02-02: Liaisons

WG20 appoints Kim Kyongsok as its liaison to SC2/WG2.

WG20 changes its liaison of group TC46/SC2 to TC46/WG3,
as this group has been renamed, keeping Keld Simonsen as
the WG20 liaison.

WG20 changes the issue of cooperation with CEN CSDG to "I18N"
as CLAUI has been disbanded.

Resolution R2003-02-03: Membership in CEN CDSG

WG20 thanks CEN CDSG for inviting WG20 to have a member of
the CDSG, and appoints John Clews and Keld Simonsen as its

Resolution R2003-02-04: Internationalization

WG20 notes that internationalization depends on mutual respect between
and peaceful coexistence of the different cultures of this world.

Resolution R2003-02-05: SC22 representation

WG20 resolves to be represented at the Oslo SC22 plenary
by Keld Simonsen.

Resolution R2003-02-06: CD 15897 - cultural registry

The editing group consists of Ken Whistler, Kim Kyongsok, Marc Küster,
Joan Aliprand, Keld Simonsen and Alain LaBonté.
An email list has been created for that purpose.

The editor will provide the disposition of comments N1019 by 2003-02-21.
If there are no objections by 2003-02-28, the disposition is approved.
The editor will resolve any problems. The editor will deliver the
final disposition of comments in N1020 by 2003-03-03.

The editor will deliver a new draft CD N1021 by 2003-03-17.
The editing group will check whether the agreed results are correctly
reflected in the revised draft and agrees to comment until 2003-03-31.
The editor will resolve any comments and submit a new draft
to the convener by 2003-04-10, who will forward it for CD3
or FCD ballot, based on the majority decision of the editing group.

Resolution R2003-02-07: Thanks

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 thanks
- Pusan national university (esp. computer center for Internet access,
  and graduate students for setting up equipment for the meeting) and
. KIM, Kyongsok for their outstanding hospitality and friendly support,
- KATS (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards), NB of Rep. of Korea
. especially Kim DongWon,
- KSA (Korean Standards Association),
- Keld Simonsen, Marc Küster, Kim Kyongsok for drafting the resolutions,
- Marc Küster for taking minutes of the meeting, and
- Kim Kyongsok for chairing the meeting.
Approved by acclamation.