April 12, 1996

This document contains action items starting with the meeting #8 in Paris. All prior actions have been completed, were withdrawn, or were overcome by events.

A9505-03KeldDistribute on email the process how to retrieve FTP documents via e-mail. Kyoto: Post once again
A9505-14KeldProvide CEN tables for the ordering standard
Copenhagen(all done: confirmed at Kyoto)
A9604-01convenerCirculate "Call for Meeting #11 Vienna, September 9-13, 1996" as soon as possible
A9604-02convenerRequest to X/OPEN liaison an information about current status of i18n related activities in X/OPEN.
(including liaison to/from SC22/WG20)
A9604-03KeldRequest comments from WG21 and WG14 on WG20 proposal about extended identifiers in PDTR 10176
A9604-04KeldLiaise to WG14 with N455 along with agreed CD 14651 draft
A9604-05KeldPropose a "e-mail decision making process for SC22/WG20 " , and post it on WG20 e-mail list for discussion
A9604-06KeldInvestigate the possibility of posting ISO/IEC copyrighted documents (eg. DIS or IS) and editor's text on www home-page
A9604-07KeldProvide a liaison report (N457) to TC37 with input from Alain, and open e-mail discussion for approvement
A9604-08KeldUp-date DRAFT convener's report on WG20 www home page
A9604-09Winkler/TK SatoProvide convener's report by 15th June, 1996.
(reflecting projected Vienna meeting results)
A9604-10KeldPut WG20 CD's and other WG20 documents on www home page
A9604-11SatoMention N455 in convener's report for SC22, Sep 1996

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